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A Park
Taken with Holga

Someone had a plant delivered to me anonymously. I don't know if it is for my birthday or the death.


My brother and I are finally going to do Hometown Tour 2004 this weekend. I need to decide which cameras to bring. I can normally make this choice fairly easily but I've put a lot into this trip. It's going to be really heavy emotionally, especially now with the funeral (which I may or may not attend). I'm expecting to take some photos that will be really important to me. I don't want to find myself thinking "Shit, I should have brought the ______."

I'm not going to bring the digital. I don't think it suits the occassion. Unfortunately that means no instant gratification. Unless I bring the SX-70 camera or a Polaroid Land. Instead I've been struggling with choices like:

Mamiya VS Great Wall?

Diana/Windsor VS Holga VS Spartus?

The Mamiya is so heavy. I don't think I've got a lot of choice there. With the toy cameras I always reach for the Diana/Windsor first but am finding myself shifting to the Holga. The one obvious advantage it has is that I can attach a flash for indoor shots.

Well one thing I am certain of is that obsessing about cameras is a nice distraction from the griping fear I have about this trip.

p.s. Check out Chris' photo of what I'm assumming is the Welland Canal. I'll be there this weekend.

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