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Blair Witch?
Taken with Nikon D70

We spent a lovely, relaxing day on the island yesterday. I always feel better after a day of bike riding and sunshine. It actually felt like a full-on, sweaty summer day. Keep them coming please. I need to sweat like a pig so I can feel okay about going into winter.

Both tourists and spiders were out in full force. I have NEVER seen so many spider webs.... or so many tourists on Wards Island. They were everywhere! Here's a photo. Don't look Chris. I got bit on the foot by a red ant. It hurt like hell for a while and left a small red trail that went from the bite spot up my leg. We saw some kind of bird that looked like a woodpecker and had a white spot on its ass. There were lots of them foraging in the grass. We also saw the Snowbirds flying overhead in formation. Can't escape them no matter where we go!

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