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Another pinhole from World Pinhole Day back in April.

We just got back from two days in Niagara Falls. We had to take the bus because the train came and went at odd times. And neither of us drive. Taking a short two-day trip is a bit of a hassle sometimes and choices are narrow because we have to go somewhere accessible by train or bus and the destination must be accessible too by either walking or public transportation. Back in 2000 I stated that I would never go back to Niagara Falls again but it was our only choice. Our passports are being renewed so we couldn't cross the border.

Anyway it ended up being a lot of fun. I took a ton of pictures. I actually ran out of film but was lucky enough to meet Pat Simon of "Simon's Restaurant" (oldest restaurant in Niagara!) who pointed me to the store in town that sold medium format.

The first day was cold, grey and rainy with limited and short sunny patches but we still had fun. We spent quite a few hours downtown right off the bus and then hung out at Simon's for about two hours talking about cameras and photography with Pat and Steve. Later, we walked around Clifton Hill (It's all shit now I tell ya), procurred our quality motel accomodations, and when the rain had stopped, we walked up to Lundy's Lane and back again.

On Thursday we managed to get bike rentals and ended up biking really fucking far. I was on a screwy bike no-less. I was in so much pain on the way back I was seriously doubting my ability to make it back to the shop in time to then cab it over to the bus station. It never occurred to me that the bike was screwy. I just assumed I was really out of biking shape since it was only my second ride of the season. Finally Davin and I switched bikes and I discovered that it was the bike all along. His bike was amazing and I made it back with little effort. I have a lot of bad luck when it comes to bikes.

I won't say anymore. I'll wait for the film to come back and write little stories with each picture instead. I am in so much pain today, just sitting here to work is a small feat in itself.

Davin was using the digital camera but I borrowed it a couple of times to take a few snaps. I have posted a few here and Davin has posted some of his here. He also posted one on his site today. We were all over this building like flies. It literally got better every time we turned a corner to look at another side. I for one photographed all four sides and the parking lot with three different cameras.


Congrats to my guy who won an ipod shuffle via his food sculpting skills! Can you believe the Toronto Star called him this morning to interview him about it!?

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