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This is my first posting of a film photo from our trip to Niagara Falls. I can't remember the name of this establishment but the food was crap. When the waitress came over to ask how it was Davin feigned ignorance and I was left to fill in the awkward space with "It is what it is." The good light almost makes up for the over-fried, over-priced, super-greasy fish and chips I consummed. As I was gathering my things (including my camera bag which weighed 11 pounds!!!!) to leave I turned around and saw this scene and felt I couldn't leave without trying to capture it. This is one of those shining moments when the result exactly corresponds with the intention. I am happy.

I just spent several hours scanning film and still have many more hours to go before I'm through my Niagara Falls haul. Yikes. And I'm supposed to go to New York City this month for book promoting stuff. I will be scanning film until kingdom come.


This site is mentioned on page 14 of the June 2005 issue of the Utne Reader. Weeee.

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