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A bit of a stressful morning. My list of stuff to do before we leave for New York first thing Wed morning fills both sides of a lined, letter-sized sheet. That's all I'm going to say about that. The one thing I do enjoy about lists is the satisfaction that comes from crossing things off. Crossing items off in your mind just doesn't have the same feeling and each item is often replaced by a new one anyway.

I'm looking forward to the long train ride because it means 13 hours to zone out. Sadly I am not the kind of person who can sleep while in transit so the hardest part will be keeping myself entertained for the duration.

Yesterday was a crazy day but also a lot of fun. I was on CBC Newsworld with Suhanna Meharchand and Andrew Nichols for approximately seven minutes at exactly 11:37 am EST to talk about gardening. I already wrote about it here so I'm not going to repeat myself except to say that we were all very entertained by the experience. Davin probably had the most fun since he didn't have the stress of being a talking head and whatnot.

Then later we came across a camera obscura someone had set up in our 'hood. I took a few quick pics while inside but they're pretty fuzzy since the exposures were incredibly long and handheld.

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