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We're leaving for New York tomorrow morning. I'm struggling, trying to lock down on my camera lineup. This is always the hardest part for me. Choosing clothes to bring is easy. Choosing cameras takes days of weighing options, and very literally weighing cameras.

I've been thinking it would be easier if I brought the Great Wall rather than the Kiev but the the weight difference is only just under 2 pounds if I don't bring the second back. If I bring the second back I'm hitting around 5 pounds. It doesn't sound like much until you add more cameras, film, accessories, the bag, and days of walking with gear in tow. Although I'll be doing a lot of work and possibly less walking, but even still I can't underestimate a little problem I have called Can't Not Overdo It.

So far the public events that have been confirmed include:

Thursday, May 19th
6pm – 9pm
Cocktails, live music and hands-on urban gardening demonstrations.
Where: 103 Hoyt Street, between Atlantic Ave and Pacific St, Brooklyn

Union Square Farmer's Market
Saturday, May 21
9am to 2pm
Urban gardening demonstrations & activities for springtime inspiration.

Spoonbill Books
Sunday May 22
218 Bedford Avenue Brooklyn

There's a big community garden event in New York on Saturday but I will miss most of it because I'll be at the Farmer's Market. However, I might be at a west end garden event later on Saturday.

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