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Back to Niagara Falls. My New York film comes back today but I'm doubting I'll get a chance to get to it anytime soon. I still have Niagara Falls film to scan!

I feel like making lists. More Stuff:

- Books I Read on the Train - "Lucky" by Alice Sebold, "Sisters of the Yam" by bell hooks, and "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" by Dave Eggers.

- Bought a crazy painting of Jesus at the Salvation Army in Chelsea for $8.99. I almost didn't get it because it meant carrying it around for the rest of the day in addition to all the cameras. But I did and it's good. The people working there were miserable. An eccentric New York lady asked me in a thick New Yorker accent if "...there were any nice blouses."

- The train ride was pretty miserable. I keep forgetting that Amtrack trains aren't quite as nice as VIA trains. Our train was an hour and a half late and the air quality just got worse and worse as the hours passed. People kept leaving the bathroom doors open and good god the smell! We weren't even seated near the bathrooms but oh god the smell! The smell came in waves that directly corresponded to the flushing of toilets. I'm not going to get into it just consider this the next time you think about taking the train long distance in America. I spent 14 hours on a bus in southern Mexico and I don't remember such pain. Maybe I'm less tolerant in my older age.

However, one thing I love about the train are the landscape views. Train tracks and stations are often kept a bit off the beaten path and near industry. Gotta get the products of industry moving! As a result we saw a lot of amazing old buildings that are now deserted. I took some pictures and will post them when I get a chance. I can't tell you how many times I wanted to get off the train and just walk. So many good pictures. We must take the ferry to Rochester!

While in the meat packing section of New York we found the old tracks that go through the city. We couldn't find a way in via that section but it looked awesome. The tracks are up high, offering an interesting vantage point (I'm sure). I love the train. Minus the terrible toilet smells. Germaphobes should definitely nix this mode of travel.

- What's with those acupuncture places that feature a tv in the window playing some sort of acupunture video? I saw this a number of times and in different neighbourhoods. Fascinating.

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