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I took this one on 2nd Ave outside a little hole-in-the-wall diner that was closed. The gate was only part of the way down.

Some Things:

- I found out in New York that my book has gone into a second printing! I can't believe it happened so fast.

- Staten Island Ferry on Monday evening just before dark. There seems to be a strange bathroom culture in the women's bathroom. When you first walk in there is an entire wall of mirror with a long counter in front and a row of stools. Women were sitting on the stools hanging out, talking and doing their makeup. The scene was strangely animated and lively. I was very curious but did not feel I could hang around long enough to check it out without coming off like a stalker because I did not have makeup or an accent.

- B&H for film. What a crazy place. The whole baskets-flying-overhead-on-conveyor-belt system was wacky. I pigged out on film while Davin basically just bought 20 rolls of the same thing. But I bought stuff I can't even get here!

- We stayed in an apartment in the East Village (2nd Ave and 7th street). Cooking our own food and sleeping in a comfortable bed was heaven. No lousy hotel backaches and I could have tea in the morning.

- So many community gardens in the East Village! I knew the history of them but could not believe so many are still kickin. They totally kick our community garden ass. I got to hang out in the famous one at Sixth and B. I was interviewed for a Dutch magazine and had my picture taken by a lady photographer. She used a little digital and a Hassleblad. It was fun and both the writer and the photgrapher were great. No one asked me to look sexy or coy.

- I'm really bummed by the small handful of photos I took. It was just too hard with so many people and cars everywhere. The cars were the biggest hassle. I ended up taking more digital pictures simply because it's faster and easier.

- Walking around the edge of Chinatown. Good god Chinatown and Little Italy were just insane with people. Anyway Davin was taking of picture of a handwritten sign (written in English) and a tourist with two kids in tow came up and asked what he was photographing and then asked what it said. When he responded, "In the realm of hungry ghosts" she quickly whisked the kids away. We got a laugh out of that.

There will be more digital pictures on Flickr.

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