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This picture has nothing to do with windows. I just wanted to post it. People are creeping into my photos more and more lately. You don't even know how much 'cause I don't post many of them. They're not bad, but I'm a little unsure of the role I want people to take in the photos. Sometimes it is a fairly passive role, more like a prop, but I have done a few portraits that I like but won't post. Sometimes I think about doing real self-portraits (as opposed to the photos I consider self-portraits even though I am not actually physically in the photos), but oh man what a hassle. I am generally uninspired by set-up shots. The slowness of it drags me down.

However, I finally put up a gallery of window photos on the long neglected See Feel Think site. Don't go looking for a link on the mainpage cause I haven't done that yet. A lot of what I said earlier today about looking in rather than looking out is relevant in a personal way but I didn't get into it in the mini statement. I just don't enjoy writing these sorts of explainations and statements. I think a lot and am conscious of what I'm doing, I just hate commiting the ideas to paper. I'd rather someone else wrote that stuff.

A few of the photos are screwed up because the camera back was broken. I left them in more as a reminder to myself that I need to go back and reshoot them.

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