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I'm stuck for a new book to read. I just finished rereading the first two Adrian Mole books and I've got to say they didn't do much for me this time around. I don't expect to have the same appreciation for books I enjoyed at age 14 but I read these once in my twenties and recall enjoying them on some level. This time around they felt very surface and made me feel defensive for a fictional character that wasn't getting his due via the writer. Ridiculous.

I tried to start a Mark Leyner book last night but wasn't feeling it. I read all of his books while in university and was a big fan of his crazy, hyper, mega cultural references style. I guess I prefer things that are a little bit slower now.

I ordered two photo books recently: Alec Soth's "Sleeping by the Mississippi" and William Eggleston's "2 1/4". "Sleeping by the Mississippi" did not disappoint. My favourite part is the notes on the photographs section in the back. I bought this particular Eggleston book because the photos are all square and square is my thing. Unfortunately it didn't do as much for me. I think he works better with rectangles. I was also disappointed by the lack of writing about the photos. My ideal art book contains a well-wriiten piece of bullshittery by someone familiar with the artist's work and a section of notes or thoughts from the artist about their experience of making the art. That's why I love Davin's Making Room site. I get to hear the artist's point of view beyond those overly formal (and coma inducing with their super boring-ocity) artists' statements.

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