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Lots of work today. I'm going to be all over the place today. I like bikes.

I had no less than three nightmares last night which has seriously cut into today's energy reserve.

Had a fun session with the piano last night. I learned a new song, a song that is a whole lot more satisfying than "Merrily We Roll Along."

I locked myself out yesterday afternoon (first time EVER!) and lost a great deal of a busy work day. Thankfully I just happened to pop the film I HAD to take in for a job into my bag before walking out the door even though I was planning to come back for it after lunch.

Davin actually rode his bike down from up north where he was working to let me in and went back again but I didn't know because I was out killing time thinking I had screwed myself. We're just not cellphone people. Anyways how sweet is that? He must like me or something. That's a long ride back uphill.

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