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This one was shot in Toronto back when we had sun. Two consecutive sets of weekend plans have been thwarted by foul weather. I've lived here my entire life. When will I ever adjust?

I just want to make the pictures damnit. My mood is becoming as foul as the weather.

I walk by the location in the above photograph nearly twice weekly (although I rarely approach it from this direction. If you're ever bored just cross the street or change directions). While prepping the image for upload, I had a sudden flashback to my days sitting on stools just like those in the old Lincoln Mall Tim Horton's. The seats were a mustard yellow. The "hostesses" wore matching outfits. I clocked countless childhood hours on those stools or stools like them in donut shops all over St. Catharines (of which there were many) drinking hot chocolate, picking away at my donut of the moment and watching the crazy adults fumble their way through social interaction. In my mind's eye I can still see Rob alternating between a Player's Light and a double-double while attempting to chat up one of the big-haired chicks behind the counter.

That's the kind of picture I really wish I could capture. Unfortunately there are no cameras that can capture memories straight out of head.

« Sun on Stools (through a window) »