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There's another flag.


I switched to the Pixies "Where is My Mind" for a few days but am back to the Elliott Smith. Songs I hated on my first few spin-throughs have become my favourites. And the previously irritating cracking in his voice on the live stuff now sounds lovely and sincere. I actually prefer the live versions over the more produced album versions. Go figure. I was like that with Nina Simone the first time I heard her music so I guess it just takes time to sink in for me. But when it does I play it until I can't stand it. My brother procurred a vinyl copy of "Nina Sings the Blues" for me many Xmases ago and I proceeded to listen to it every single day for over a year. I finally had to get a cd copy for fear of destroying the grooves on an old album. Apparently I have the music listening habits of an obsessed teenager.

My current favourites are:

  • Happiness
  • Easy Way Out
  • No Name No 1
  • I Didn't Understand
  • King's Crossing
  • Strung Out Again
  • Say Yes

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