Wednesday, October 26, 2005     « Happiness »


I took this photo on a warm and sunny day while walking through the Lower East Side. Just before I turned around and took this I thought about how fortunate I am to be able to see other places. This is why I don't believe in destiny and fate. Because to me both suggest a negative viewpoint that says that a person can't move outside what is set out for them. And if I had to predict what should have been predetermined for me according to that kind of thinking, it would be something very different than this. And I don't think that something would have been much. I don't like words like fate, destiny or luck. I believe in hope, choice, work, and conscious living. To me these suggest that anything is possible and I don't mean in a money as success way but in an inner mind way. And among all of that I also know that it is important to be grateful. Because even though it's really fucking hard, when I can see clearly, I am sometimes even grateful for the struggle.


Really lovely melody on Alameda.

« Happiness »