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(Hometown II v. 2)

I took a majority of photos in this little stretch of street. It's a strange little commercial area just outside the downtown that really hasn't changed much within my lifetime. It has never been successful but the places that remain have been there, unchanged, for as long as I can remember.

Life at home in my 16th year was killing me so I got myself a youth counsellor near here. Her name was Cathy. She had just turned 40, had a young son, drove a white car, and listened to the Grateful Dead. I always thought it ironic that my counsellor's office was located next door to the Delta Bingo.

My routine was to take the bus to this corner and walk the rest of the way to my appointment. I often stopped at the St. Vincent Du Paul and Sally Ann around the corner afterwards before heading into downtown to my part-time job as a dishwasher/short order cook in a small restaurant.

This photo really reminds me of that time. In fact everything about my visit last weekend brought back not just memories but strong emotions. For a few hours I re-experienced how I felt as a teenager living there. Oh god, how it sucked! Whomever said those are the best years of your life must have missed out on a lot of living.

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