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(Hometown VI v. 2)

I don't really know much about Vince's Hairstyling except that I went there once when I was a kid with my best friend. On my visit a few weeks ago I stopped and crossed the street to take this picture. Vince was sitting in the window watching. He came out and motioned for me to come inside. Peering over his shoulder I could see that the inside was amazing and that Vince had not changed a single detail in decades. But I was also alone and Vince was creeping me out a bit so I declined explaining that my rental bike was unlocked across the street. He asked me the usual questions, "What are you doing?", "Is this for the City?", "Will this be in the paper?", etc. Man if only someone had been with me I would have loved to have gone inside and captured that magic.

A second image of Vince's here.

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