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This is Doris Ewin the owner of The Green Dragon Gift Shop, a store in Ottawa I can only describe as "The Most Awesome Place, Ever." Doris opened the store 68 years ago with her husband and is still running it today!!

We happened upon the place completely by accident, and what a happy accident it was. The store is filled to overflowing with nick-knacks, silly lewd cards and plaques, and all the souveniers I remember from my childhood. I walked around as long as I could, making mental notes with my eyes and eventually bought a few things. I was so enthralled with the place, we went back the next day with our cameras.

That place is such a gem. Doris and her son (brother? I'm not sure) were very warm and eager to talk about the store. We had to leave to catch our train, but I could have stayed there for hours. I still have so many questions. I live for this sort of place! That kind of clutter is completely visually satisfying. I feel really, really lucky to have happened upon it. By the time we left I was so giddy I was literally skipping down the street.

I have posted a few more photos on Flickr but will have plenty of film images when they are developed.

« I LOVE The Green Dragon »