Friday, December 16, 2005     « SO FRESH! SO GOOD! »


I took this one a year ago and I don't think I have posted it but the memory fails. Today's post makes 771 and I gotta say that's a lot of days of pictures. I have plenty of new photos but I am currently pining for the 80mm lens so bear with me as I stroll down the remnants of memory lane. I also thought this one had a nice touch of holiday decor. And as previously stated, tacky holiday decor (and shiny things) is really the only thing I enjoy about this time of year... okay and leaveless trees. I am yet to get out on my yearly excursion to photograph the hi-rises in P-Dale. Time's a ticking.

- My pal Sarah has a new blog that is an extension of her book about Toronto's hidden gems.
- Looking forward to lunch. I've been using sushi at the Drake (they use real crab not the imitation fish + sugar crap) as a reward system for braving the cold and holiday lineups at the post office.