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Milkweed are wonderful plants. They support monarchs and other wildlife and young pods are tasty pickled -- they taste like pickled okra.


Wed. Feb 1st is: Take Your Box Camera to Work Day (TYBCWD)

Lots of stuff on the horizon. For the first time ever spring is coming faster than I would like. I am in the midst of a too-many-deadlines-and-things-that-must-be-done-all-at-one-time panic. Oh the list! I can't even bring myself to draft a full list for fear that the sight of it all together like that on one page will bury me. Sometimes a certain level of denial is one's only defence.

We're travelling to Portland in less than two weeks (see how I went for the cup half full approach there? I could have said, just over a week which sounds like less time) where I will be presenting at the Vegetable Gardening Symposium followed by a small book-signing and Seed Starting Workshop at a cute little garden store called PISTILS. They have chickens! A small yard with chickens is a dream of mine so I have to admit a certain manic excitment about it. CHICKENS! If they are the kind with the fuzzy slipper feet I will DIE.

We are both super excited about visiting the Pacific Northwest for the first time. Trees, ocean, air, friends, chickens!

On the way home from Portland I will be stopping in Vancouver for a few days for work. This leg of the trip was organized on Friday afternoon so there is no time to organize an Official Book Event but I am planning to get together with a bunch of my peeps from the gardening site for food and fun. I am also planning to live out my childhood Danger Bay dreams by visiting the Vancouver Aquarium. Squeals!

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