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Several years ago I sat on our rooftop deck with a group of friends when the conversation shifted to my growing collection of plants and what was up with that anyways? A long-time pal facetiously suggested that I should host a television show and call it You Grow Girl. My response at the time was that I didn't know about a TV show but I was going to register the domain name.

Fast forward to today, several years later, and what do you know I am in the throws of making a pilot of a new-style gardening show... called You Grow Girl. How surreal is that?

Getting to this point has been the culmination of more blood, sweat, and tears than I can possibly get into here. However, in the short term it is the culmination of nearly a year's worth of work on the part of myself and a group of wonderful people who were not only crazy enough to take a chance on me and this thing I have created but they also get where I am coming from, and understand that while having a team is a dream come true it is an emotional rollercoaster for me. It is like letting the kid I nurtured and toiled with through great times and overwhelmingly bad times for years go out into the world in hopes that it will blossom and become everything I had hoped for it. I know I've done everything I can but I still worry that it will get hurt or become involved with the wrong crowd. What's more I am both the parent and the child because I too am about to put myself out into the world in a way that is both insanely exciting and terrifying beyond belief.

That said, this is only a pilot and doesn't guarantee a show will make it on the air. I thought long and hard about when I would say something about this and while I had intended to be more self-protective and wait until we had actual funding to shoot a series, I have finally come to realize that getting this far is a huge success in its own right and I need to start celebrating that rather than putting it on hold in wait for the "right moment." While there is always the possibility that this may not go farther than this next giant step, I am really happy and proud even just to say that I took the risk and gave it a go.

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