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I'm thinking this person likes America.

I am also thinking I may need to take a hiatus from spoken communication. Either that or I need an ear bud with a person on the other end feeding me lines. The last few weeks have seen a string of incredibly awkward conversations, the bulk of that awkwardness coming from my end. I'm considering conducting all important communication via the written form because I can not be trusted with the kind of shit that will come out of my mouth at any given time. It's frustrating and embarrassing. It's not so much what I'm saying but that I am talking in circles and making an ass of myself in the process. It's like I've hit my limit on intelligent verbal communication for 2006 and it's all downhill from here.

No really! I smart!

Picture the Cure. August 21, 2006.
6pm-midnight, The Gladstone Hotel, Toronto.

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