Friday, August 11, 2006     « Camera Obscura »


I was so pleased to see the Camera Obscura still in operation and glad to fork over the $3 to do my part in keeping it alive.

I took no less than eight photos of this building which probably says something about my love for it. I am, in practice a one, maybe two photos (with the same camera) at the most photographer. If I get it, yay. If not that's too damn bad. It's one of the ways I make taking pictures like a little game or challenge for myself. I gave up a long time ago on the idea of bracketing. It's expensive and boring, and in the end I am left with one or two that are good and they are generally the first one or two that I took.

That is, in essense, why I haven't loved for-hire work. It reminds me too much of school and endless fixation on one subject. I prefer to fixate on the same thing at different times over the course of several years. HA!

« Camera Obscura »