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I updated the info page with a list of recent and upcoming projects and have added a few sites to the links page.

I have begun uploading pictures from our Oct 2005 trip to New York City to my Flickr stream. There are so many pictures in my archive that have never seen the light of day. I have a terrible tendency to scan a stack of film and then move on rather quickly to the next lot. The "best" images don't always make it up on this site since I tend to chose pictures for a range of reasons that don't always narrow things down in an appropriate editorial fashion.

One of the drawbacks to the daily post aspect of this here internet is that it encourages a constant demand for new. It was common back in the day (and still is really) for an artist to take a great deal of time putting together a body of work that they would then show over and over again. Through this media we tend to move on to the next thing on a day-to-day and sometimes minute-to-minute basis. It's not always a bad thing, but it does foster in me a problem that I have with both an almost insatiable appetite for productivity and a reduced ability to hold onto my accomplishments.

Picture the Cure. August 21, 2006.
6pm-midnight, The Gladstone Hotel, Toronto.

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