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This picture accompanies America Jeep.


Prints from the Photogrammetry show are now up for sale. I have listed each image as both a large print and a more affordable smaller print.

And because I thought it would be a nice extra touch of class I have also decided to write and include a short "inside" story with each print. These stories recount my thoughts about why I took the photo, where it was taken, what the picture means to me and other details. This isn't stuff I have written on the site so it will only be available to the buyer.


Are the prints nice?
Yes they are because I am anal about prints. They are much, much nicer than what you see online.

Do you plan to sell more prints?
Not at this time. It takes me a great deal of time to prep each image to be printed and since I've already got a fulltime job++ I've decided not to make selling prints ANOTHER business. I've got these prints that I think are pretty and I'd like to see them go to good homes. Plus the proceeds would allow me to develop the heap of film I have sitting here.

I rarely make or sell prints which means that you may end up with the only print of that image that is ever made. I'm not guaranteeing that I won't print that image again, but I am only selling one of these 20 images in each size at this time and don't have plans to sell more.

Are they signed?

Do they come with a mat board?
No, however they do come sandwiched between protective boards. I don't like the idea of telling people how to frame or hang the images so I have decided to leave mats out of the equation.

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