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I have evolved into a tradition of photographing all the best coffees before I sample a first taste. The more I learn about and sample different styles of espresso-based coffees (I can't stand press or drip coffee. ewww) the snobbier I become about it. Making a coffee that is not only beautifully presented but delicious is an artform. Now that I know the difference I have a high appreciation for the people who go the extra mile to make a delicious cup. You can see from my collection that very few have been good (I think there are a few missing). Most of the others have been pretty mediocre. Too bad price does not indicate quality. Applying fancy words like "latte" or "cappuccino" to a brown liquid seems to justify the application of a fancy price regardless of the product.

Thanks to Heather, Derek, and George for taking us to Blue Bottle Coffee, a cute little coffee shop located inside a garage tucked into a laneway. No coffee has rivalled that one since.

I would LOVE a cup of that now.

« Blue Bottle Coffee »