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There are two things I like to get whenever I visit an ocean-side town: clam chowder and a pound of crab. I know it's disgusting but it's also disgustingly cheap. Except in San Francisco. Probably because the seafood doesn't come from The Bay anyway, and because they like to gouge the tourists as payment for their attraction to that awful Warf area. If you're sucker enough to go there knowing you'll be over-charged for mediocre tourist crap then you deserve it.

We went down there to visit the Musee Mechanique which has been moved from the Cliff House. And if I'm honest it was also because I am always hoping to find a few nuggets of past era tourist kitsch. I end up dragging Davin into these overcrowded tourist spots that he HATES but tolerates because he loves me. The guy is a fucking saint. I am willing to dig around until I find something of interest and I usually do but it's definitely getting tougher.

While most of the experience was pretty horrible (as predicted) I did leave with a teeny bowl of mucousy clam chowder and a stack of pressed pennies for my collection.

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