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We are addicted to Deadwood. We're already into Season III. We've had lengthy conversations dissecting the convoluted language and questioning the history. We have debated the differences between "cocksucker" and "motherfucker." We have commited ourselves to favourite characters. I've only had to leave the room once due to the violence. Davin has researched the real history of the town and its inhabitants. [cough] Geek. I have wondered if watching the show has induced me to curse more (it doesn't take much). It has now claimed the title of, "The Show." As in, "Wanna watch the show?" And we know what the other is speaking of because there is only one show at this time.

TV on DVD has revolutionized my life. I now refer to regular television as "Watching commercials."

Song: Creep Radiohead. A very strange thing since I have never listened to Radiohead and was not familiar with this song. I haven't listened to the radio since college and generally only come upon popular music via passive means. Which is why I can find myself listening to a song 10 years after-the-fact. Anyways, I always think he is singing "freak" rather than "creep." I can't identify with a song about a creep, but I can definitely get behind one about freaks.


Midnight Snack Sept 30 at The Beaver (1192 Queen West. Toronto). A part of Nuit Blanche.


SPACING Issue #7 Release Party: Thursday, September 28. Gladstone Hotel, 8pm, $10

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