Thursday, September 28, 2006     « Tiny Tomatoes »


I'm crazy in love with my community garden. I have enjoyed myself there this year like never before. Some days I consider a life living there. All fun and games, the dappled light from trees, the mockingbird, cat visitors, soiled clothing and hands, constant explorations, strange and new insects, fresh food, and good times. Until it rains. And the mosquitos come out.

Song: We Never Change Coldplay. "I wanna live where the sun comes out." I'm sure this goes hand-in-hand with strong feelings about the community garden and the endless rain... lamenting a simplicity and pressureless life that doesn't really exist and would likely get boring after a time. And the nagging worry that I haven't really changed at all.


Midnight Snack Sept 30 at The Beaver (1192 Queen West. Toronto). A part of Nuit Blanche.


SPACING Issue #7 Release Party: Thursday, September 28. Gladstone Hotel, 8pm, $10

« Tiny Tomatoes »