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To Amy: Don't look up. Sorry!

I took a long walk across town yesterday. I was feeling exceptionally emotional and open. Everything was amazing, fantastic, and beautiful. The city was alive, seed pods were inspiring, my brain was on fire. I smiled and nodded at everyone I passed (even the grumpy bastards). A tiny, peace-loving hippy lives inside me.

The walk ended at the Farmer's Market (my Thursday shopping trip) where I was moved to buy one of everything! Or two! Or twelve! I filled up my usual backpack and canvas bag and then went beyond that with two additional bags. It was so fucking heavy I barely made it up the stairs to our apartment. We have enough food between the gardens and that purchase to keep the entire building in fresh organic produce for a week which means I have already begun preserving some of the surplus.

Song: "Wild is the Wind" Cat Power. Note that Nina Simone is not listed beside the song title. I can not believe I like someone else's version better. I like the slow contemplative mood and bonus points for avoiding the term "daddy." I have tolerated it because... hello... Nina Simone, High Priestess of Soul... but god almighty I DESPISE the use of "daddy" as a term of endearment. Gross. Gag. Ewww. Shudder. I had the misfortune of working in a professional office environment years ago with a woman who sometimes sat on the laps of our bosses (there were 2) and called them "Daddy." Nope, not at all unhealthy or inappropriate. Or vile.


Midnight Snack Sept 30 at The Beaver (1192 Queen West. Toronto). A part of Nuit Blanche.

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