Thursday, October 26, 2006     « Blue (with mattress) »


Horrible insomnia last night. Hence my choice in posting a photo of a mattress. Not that I would want to actually lay my body on that particular mattress, but you know. I'm tired.

Looking out the window I can see a white bearded man in the park feeding the pigeons from a plastic bag. He is wearing high-waisted grey pants and a Dr. Huxtable sweater. The pigeons are clustered at his feet and flittering around like a school of fish with an intense frenetic energy. The whole scene is bathed in a beautiful bright light. There are two pretty autumn leaves to his left, one red-leaved and the other yellow-leaved. That's a picture I wish I could take.

Maybe I would go over and ask to take one but I'm sitting here in my pajamas waiting for the espresso machine.

And for your entertainment: On this day, two years ago. One year ago.

« Blue (with mattress) »