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It's impossible to see in the photo at this size but there is a large population of migratory water birds in the water in the background.


Last week we took some visiting friends on an afternoon jaunt to all of our hotspots on the island. I have to admit that I've been needing to spend a lot of my down time out walking alongside the lake and in fields of grass which is reflecting in the photos I've been posting here for the last while. I know some long-term visitors might be disappointed by the lack of bleak, urban scenes -- I haven't turned away from that, I'm just taking a break.

I had such a great time showing them the places that mean a lot to me. I've said before that Show & Tell was my favourite part of grade school and that hasn't changed. However I was also shy and worried that these places would seem small and insignificant in their eyes. It's not that I'm insecure, but that we don't drive which means we don't get out to some truly magnificant landscapes. The island's little wetlands, grassland, and forested areas are sometimes the closest thing to nature (besides the tracks) this non-driving city dweller gets to experience. What is a beautiful, inspiring, and renewing wetland to me probably looks like a ditch with some sticks to most other people.

I know it sounds ridiculous but I love that stick-filled ditch.

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