Thursday, November 30, 2006     « Best Place »


I apologize if postings get inconsistent here. I'm tired and over-worked. My back hurts from lots of lifting and moving of stuff. I sound like my grandmother.


God how I hate it when you're having a pleasant, chatty conversation with a cabbie (or any stranger) and they suddenly blindside you with some horribly racist remark. Nice people can also be assholes.


Thank you to the bus driver who saw me running and stopped to pick me up allowing me to avoid standing in the pouring rain waiting for the next bus. That small act of kindness completely subverted my day.

And then a great trip to the Farmer's Market (best market anywhere!) where I consummed lots of tasty chocolate, bought beautiful 'Romenesco' brocolli, and had a captivating conversation about charmingly, crazy cats.

It's been an odd day and an even stranger week.

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