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More about visiting the Japanese Garden.


We've rented and are watching the Prime Suspect series again from the beginning. I'm a huge fan of British crime dramas and Prime Suspect has long been my favourite of the lot. My pet name for the show is "The Martha Detective" since my initial reaction to Helen Mirren was her resemblence to Martha Stewart. The thing I love most about the British crime dramas is that they often feature intelligent, complex women characters in top positions and those women are attractive in a human way as opposed to awful shows like CSI where the people working the cases barely pass for human with their sticky, pouty silicon lips, insanely coiffed hair-dos, and tight shirts. Never mind how they undermine the intelligence of the audience by repeating details and talking to one another like they're reciting dictionary definitions just to be sure we get it.

Other shows I have enjoyed:

  • Wire in the Blood
  • Touching Evil (Not as good as the others but entertaining enough.)
  • Silent Witness
  • Cracker
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