Friday, December 22, 2006     « A Sunny Fall Afternoon at an Over-priced Cafeteria »


Last day of work. Unfortunately, I have a lot to complete before the end of day and there is one big thing I won't complete which means I will have to work on it over the holidays. But it will be nice to do that without the other demands. As a self-employed person I love that other people are also on The Holidays which means no one will be contacting me with work-related issues during the break.


My copy of JPG Magazine arrived in the mail!


Happy Winter Solstice! It's all upward motion toward longer days from here on out! Remind me of that fact in mid-Feb when I'm about to go postal after too many consecutive days of gray. We went to the Festival of Light in Kensington Market last night. I made a mistake and brought my Hasselblad... not enough light during the Festival of Light unfortunately. My lenses are too damn slow. We were all too hungry and didn't stick around for the big fire.

« A Sunny Fall Afternoon at an Over-priced Cafeteria »