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I only just went out into the world to return some movies to the video store after 2 1/2 days spent indoors. We've been inside a holiday coma so profound we actually debated (for longer than 15 seconds) the day of the week this morning. I won. It's Tuesday. Sadly, I only knew the answer because I caught half a second of Dr. Phil while flipping on the TV yesterday to settle into a Freaks & Geeks marathon. My very favourite part is when Millie plays "Jesus is Just Alright" on the piano (episode 2).

Phase 1 of Holiday Break is complete. Phase 1 consisted of countless hours sitting on my ass, cooking food, eating food, and spending time with my people. Phase 2 will include actually going outside and doing stuff. Unless I get sick. Unfortunately, 50% of my people were sick with some sort of communicable illness.

I hope you are also enjoying time off to sit on your ass and be with your people.

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