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If I had to make a resolution it would be to stop letting fear control how and what I express. I've been working on it but jesus h it's been slow-going. Conquer one fear and replace it with another.

This is a process I say and not the Dr. Phil "Change Everything Overnight with the *MAGIC* of Behavioural Psychology Show."

I was recently impressed by an article about a local politician whom in his acceptance speech thanked "the troublemakers" and passionate people in the ward who had made a difference. It was the first time I had seen the word used in a positive context. I said to a friend that the thing is that I have always been seen as a shit disturber and a troublemaker yet while I have bought into that perception to some degree, I have also felt like a compliant and well-behaved coward. So why not actually start misbehaving and BE a troublemaker and actually get some shit done?

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