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Happy New Year! I hope you all have a lot to be optimistic and excited about in 2007.

Posting a favourites list has become a tradition. I've enjoyed going back to the previous years' lists to see what I liked best. And so please forgive this indulgence...

I Heart Photo I, II


  • Water Birds - Technically taken in 2005 but posted in 2006. This was probably the start of my love of simple black and white winter shots.
  • Grass Lives Under Snow - Last winter I was thinking about the idea that "the garden" doesn't just shut down completely during the snowy cold months but continues to live and even grow in an adjusted way. I used this photo in my 2007 calendar.
  • Walk Tall - A pinhole photo that I like.
  • Truth and Firmness - It was around this time that I started photographing my love affair with grasses. It's hard for me to remember exactly what I was thinking at the time but I recall that the concept of Truth and Firmness, especially as it applies to seeking truth and justice was important at the time. I was really struggling with the slipperiness of truth and how what is true for one person can be so different for another. But there is still a truth in there somewhere, right? It can't be as open-ended to include whatever anyone decides is the truth because so many people cultivate a sense of denial in their lives that allows for fantasy to be their truth. Tricky.
  • Royal Hotel - One of my favourites from our trip to Portland.
  • Resilience, Determination - Sometimes when I look at that photo I can't decide whether I like that sharp shadow or if it ruins the picture.
  • Southern Ontario Charm - I pretty much cover it in the explaination that accompanies the photo.
  • Better Be Quiet Now - I really loved the ripples in his jacket.
  • Cyclone - I took this one in 2005 too. I may be more connected to the thoughts than the photo. Hard to say.
  • Post Winter Remains - I think I said it best in the second post.
  • Post Lunch Table II - This place has been in the neighbourhood longer than us. The owners are very sweet.
  • Allotment Garden I (Yellow) - I know I have probably freaked some people out with the sudden transition from bleak urban photos to nature photos but finally being able to honestly express how I feel about that side of my life is one of the things I like best about the last year. Prior to that my nature/garden photos felt so safe. That really bugged me. It is nice to find my "sides" melding together. I am just one person after all. Separating and compartmentalizing isn't healthy.
  • Bocce - I didn't get out to play as much this summer. I like to play but will admit that I also like to go so I get coffee and panini at the local cafe.
  • Andy's Delight - I think this is my absolute favourite of the year. If I had to choose one, this would probably be it. There are a bunch posted just afterward that I really like but I'm only half-way through the year so I've got to slow down. That was a great day.
  • Loving-Kindness - I think of this one as the blue and yellow picture.
  • Camera Obscura - I liked the man standing there looking out on the view.
  • Pelicans Over Dunes - Simple. Grasses. Pelicans. Ocean. This photo makes the scene seem so serene but it was crazy windy and cold. My glasses had a hard coating of salt attached to the surface after a short visit.
  • Public Bathroom III - I hope to take a lot more public bathroom photos in 2007.
  • Sutro Baths - I like it there.
  • Untitled (Mennonite Graveyard) - Gates and fences were another common theme.
  • The Swings - I've been limiting my toy camera photos to really simple, b&w images. I can't seem to get into anything else.
  • Panic Grass - My favourite grass of 2006. I really love mullein too.
  • Designer - After this one, I resolved to take more photos in my neighbourhood. It is changing too rapidly.
  • Lae Ontario - The Horizon made a come-back but mostly for pictures like this one.
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