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Thank you kindly for nominating me in the 2007 Photobloggies awards.


I have photographed this boardwalk a few times. Here it is in winter. I never seem interested in the summer. I've been wanting to go out and take pictures lately but am too cold to do so. We were out the other day but I had a screwed up roll in the camera. I don't think any images were recorded onto film which is a huge bummer because 1. I was freezing my ass off for those non-pictures and 2. The subject was great and I will have to go by there again with small chance of finding things as they were at that time. Gah! If only there was a way to enjoy the winter landscape without suffering the actual weather.


Spacing Winter/Spring 2007 Issue launch party at the Gladstone tomorrow night.

« Boardwalk (in fall) »