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An end-of-year, personal favourites list. Maybe I'll make it a tradition. I know it reads as narcissistic but it's a good way for me to look back on the photos I took this year.... with the exception of the negatives that remain unscanned.

The snowy sofa series. 1, 2, 3

Olympos Restaurant - I can't believe I ate there more than once. I wasn't super happy with the exposure but I still like it. Incidently, this was a great day of walking and picture-taking.

Discarded Neuroses - I no longer recall why I gave it this name. I put this one in the gallery show.

Bulbs - Another one from the gallery show.

Pigeons on a Wire - One of those overlooked photos that does something for me now.

Toronto Handicapped - Curtains, window.

1044A - The reflection in the window and the bright blue against the dark brown. The only thing that would have made it better in my mind is if there had been more symmetry of light between the left and right sides.

Passport - This made a potentially bad experience fun. I was really proud of myself for getting such a good exposure in dim light.

Road Flower

Golden - The photo makes up for the terrible "food". I'm really pleased with many of the photos taken on this trip. I still have some film to scan too. Also see 5444 Ferry Street

Cigs n' Papers - There are a few from our first trip to New York in May that stand out for me but as I say in the post, I love all the layers in this one when viewed at a large size. On a Break is another fave from that trip. You can see the start of the light leak problems with that particular film back has begun.

For a Friend Who Has Everything - At times this is my favourite picture, period.

Reminds Me of My Grandmother, Somehow - Still does. I love the crinkles of the curtain.

My Beautiful Laundrette - I was really, really pleased with this exposure. I am also proud of the angle and focus... looking through the glass doors like a porthole. This place was really amazing.

Pink Curtains - The fact that she turned to look at me as I was setting up the photo really makes this one for me, although I was very uneasy about it at first.

Seven Days - Gold curtain, crown-of-thorns.

Soft Coffee - This one begat a trend.

Milk and Honey - That's the name of the drink.

Polar Express - The sky, the colours, some people in silhouette, some people lit. Click forward from there for more CNE pics. There are a few in there that I really like (Dancing Hands), but this is supposed to be a "favourites list", not an "everything list". This list is already too long. If you've made it this far you win a prize.

Designer's Nightmare - I love using the Polaroid back with this camera.

William Eggleston - I 'met' (as much as you can meet someone you speak with for only a few brief minutes) William Eggleston and despite all my goofy star struck-ed-ness I managed to take this photo.

Southern Belle - It's the song I was listening to while scanning this photo.

Jay (lunch) - No photo there unfortunately. My brother asked me to take it down. He hates photos of himself. But damn, it was a good photo.

Examining - Our first few days in New York (Oct) were gorgeous but I was working non-stop so no photos. The rest of our trip was exceptionally grey and rainy. This image was a bit of luck. I just turned around and caught these three men in this configuration and was quick enough with the settings.

From the Back - I contemplated naming this one "Shadow of a Doubt."

Delicate - I may have a fancy camera now but the Great Wall will always have a special place in my heart. Why, just yesterday, I took three rolls with it.

Bacon & Eggs, Pancakes - Panoramic. I took lots of this building but I prefer this one because I stepped back to show context. Plus it had been raining. After a rain is a great photo time because textures are rich and there is a lot of potential in reflections.

Waiting Pigeon, Flying Pigeon - I took this picture earlier this week and it's already become a favourite. It was one of those moments when I knew the picture would be just what I wanted. Mind you I have experienced that feeling many times only to have it not work out. But it's nice when it does.

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