Tuesday, March 27, 2007     « Lined Up in a Row »


Songs: "Chelsea Girls" and "These Days" Elliott Smith live performances. I know, I know. But there has been so much. I have to force myself to listen to other things. Listen for the audience member scream during "Chelsea Girls." I love his version of "These Days." It has been one of my favourite walking songs for many months. Afterall, it does begin, "I've been out walking." Kinda hard to NOT associate it with walking.

And speaking of walking... what a great day! I forgot what it felt like to be warm. Turns out I like it a whole lot more than being cold. I let myself have an hour today to walk about with a handful of cameras and good music playing in my ears. And with the days getting longer we actually have time after work to go for another walk. Fuck you winter! We made it out alive. HA!

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