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Such a messed up bunch of days. Today alone was enough.

- Almost taken out twice by two different negligent drivers within a 30 second time span. Thanks assholes who drive while talking on the phone! I am sure your conversation was very important. Walking the streets has turned into a game of murderball. The best part was when only moments after a tongue wagging from me, an older gent who was also almost hit started beating the second car with his rolled-up newspaper. I yelled out, "Ya get him!" I am feeling vengeful today. I have considered carrying a pocketful of rocks.

- Gorgeous, sunny days. My white winter skin is burned!

- Walking, walking, walking.

- Lots of pictures. I justify that double pack of polaroids by calling it "work." The very important work. The work that does not pay a salary. The work that cost $30.

- "Your evil power is fun to use!" TM Someday I will explain this but those in the know will understand and nod. Possibly approvingly. Vengence feels good.

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