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Lately I can't seem to remember what I have posted here and what I haven't. Repeating myself in pictures seems even worse than my penchant for repeating stories.

Song: Here's something that I know I'm repeating. "Solsbury Hill" by Peter Gabriel. I am not a Peter Gabriel fan. That whole Sledgehammer thing does not do it for me at all. And Genesis conjures up countless bad memories of trying to sleep on a school night while my parents "party" with their friends downstairs. Rob showing off the awesome power of fancy speakers accompanying a cheap-ass amp purchased on credit at The Brick.

My brother inherited those speakers.

We still laugh about it recalling the pathetic combination of a marathon session of "A Trick of the Tail" or "Duke" thumping through the floors with the anemic support of a cheap amp. Sometimes laughing is all you have. I know now why so many writers cull from their personal vault of shitty experiences; it's a combination of payback and passive retribution. There are other reasons too but today I am thinking about those specifically. If all you inherited were bad memories, pain and a set of shitty speakers you might as well make it into something, right?

But "Solsbury Hill" is different. I associate it with change, the optimism of self-discovery, and moving forward trusting yourself to be the best steward of you that you can be.

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