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This is my favourite spot in the city. Two ducks were sat on the ice as I approached but flew off before I could get the camera out.

I am taking it easier on myself today. I am giving a workshop on seed-starting tonight. I think it's filled up but you can check the details on the the gardening site if you're interested. I was dreading it yesterday... the thought of having to be the person to inspire and encourage a group of people to try their hand at gardening when things had gone so badly with my own community garden group (not to be confused with the other community garden group I am involved with that is going really well. I know. So confusing.) I really worried that I wouldn't be able to make a good experience for these people. However, I am sure that spending two hours with a roomful of people enthusiastic and eager to grow some plants will bring my mood up. I have felt better today in just doing the prep work.

The thing about doing this kind of work is that it's not just about me as a talking head "performing" for an audience. It can be at times and I'll admit that those experiences can be frustrating and alienating even. There have been odd times where I have never felt so alone in a roomful of people whose attention was directed towards me. It's not a good feeling. I like doing hands-on workshops best because the energy is always good and the extra one-on-one connections with individual people gives something back to me too.

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