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- Best haircut, ever.

- Sitting in a cancer ward waiting for a friend. Thinking about cancer. Thinking about friends and cancer. Reading "Geek Love" again. Wondering why hospitals feel like malls. Does that feeling comfort people facing illness and death? It makes me tired and edgy... and not in the way that has come to mean "cool" within the new marketing vernacular. I pretty much hate the new marketing vernacular.

- Spontaneously rented a spinning wheel. Carrying a giant contraption home on my back made me feel like one of the Kids of Fame... without the spontaneous street dancing.

- Arrived home to two boxes of film. Thank the lord. I had NONE left! NONE! The rationing I've had to do has been painful.

- Ideal Coffee did not rid me of the all-day headache. Will it ever end, this headache?

- Too many tomato plants. Not a bad problem to have when you think about it.

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