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I have got to stop posting late at night. It is leading to some really boring writing and a lot of list-making. It's just that my days are so full. This has been the best spring ever. I am noticing more new things than my brain can process. I am soaking it all in. I lay in the grass this afternoon thinking that I wanted to remember everything I could see, hear, and smell at that moment so I could properly convey it later on. And of course I remember very little now. Here's what comes up:

- A pair of cardinals. I can recognize their calls now. I don't remember seeing so many cardinals... and in several different places.

- Good smells. Fresh grass, pine needles warmed by the sun, floral smells of all sorts, wet mulch, lilacs.

- The feeling of spongy grass under my bare feet and between my toes.

- Each tiny flower that makes up the larger puffball shape of an allium flower looks like a small star.

- The decadence of 30 minutes spent reading in the shade of apple trees set to the sounds of birds talking to each other.

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