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I wasn't expecting it but I loved the documentary "Rize." I watch a lot of documentaries but had been turned off from checking it out because of the cheezy cover design. I know, you can't judge a [book, video, etc] by its cover except that I am a designer and I just can't help myself. The thing I loved best was how these kids managed to find a way to support each other and fearlessly express the difficulty in their lives without inhibition.

I am tired of repression.

I watched "The Celebration" over the weekend. Fucking hell that was a hard one. I had to pull up everything I had to keep myself focussed on the film and stop myself from getting up and pacing around the apartment. It's a kind of distraction that I employ when a film is heavy and hard to digest. Great film though. The best ones are often the hardest to watch. The more compelled I feel to pace, the more I often like the movie when it's over. I was really hit by the part when the younger brother tied the older brother to a tree to shut him up... to shut him down. The feeling of the film reminded me a lot of another pacing film, "A Woman Under the Influence."

I picked up a copy of the Cinematheque summer schedule and there are so many great movies coming. I feel really spoiled between all of the good films I plan to see, a road trip to Chicago, and a short trip to San Francisco this month. My bank account is empty yet I feel very fortunate. Given where my head has been in the past year I have a feeling that the best thing I can do for myself right now is chill out about money and enjoy what comes.

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