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I was just looking through recently scanned photos and remarking to Davin that the cherry blossoms were beautiful and it was a really fun outing but I feel a bit embarrassed and kind of lame about the 2 rolls of nice-enough but mostly useless photos of cherry blossom trees I've got to show for it. Davin replied that he felt the same way.

There was a third photographer there that evening. You can see him in the back right side of this image dangling an arsenal of lenses from his waist belt. He was still there capturing the magic of the fading cherry blossoms with four different lenses when we left to move onto another part of the park. I am going to take a wild guess and say that he's probably got at least 100 or more nice-enough but mostly useless pictures of cherry blossoms sitting on his harddrive too.

A few more from that day.

Song: "I'm Waiting For the Day" The Beach Boys

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