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Camera Obscura I & II

Thought I'd post a photo from last year's trip to San Francisco in honour of tomorrow's trip. There are still so many pictures that I like from that trip just sitting here on my hard drive. And so it goes.

Excitment is setting in. One of the fun things about going on a trip is imagining all the possibilities. Still got packing to do. Most importantly the camera situation must be sorted. I am not bringing the big guns this time. I felt cheated out of panoramic shots last time and can't carry the big camera and the panoramic and the digital slr (I need it for work. boo.) AND the toy camera AND the polaroid. It's just too much for one person without a car or a monkey with a cart.

If you have ordered a print from me recently and have not received an update on shipping, please be assured that it has been packaged and sent. I thank you for your support.

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