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This is the side exit of a "gentleman's club." Just as I was about to snap the shutter, two college boys came through the door. They were not happy to see me standing there with a camera. At about the same time two world-weary girls emerged from a stage door. Both sets of young people were probably about the same age.


We ditched work early on Friday and took a long walk on the tracks going further than we have ever gone in that direction before. I don't think I took many photos from the actual tracks but I took a bunch once we emerged onto the street. Getting out for some urban photography was a bit of relief. It's been all nature, plants, and gardens around here for far too long. I love all of these things but the pictures are not always what I consider the best stuff. I'm just not sure I want to be known as the person who takes pretty pictures of grass. Although I sure do like the grassland.

Song: "Door Peep Shall Not Enter" Burning Spear

« Club Paradise (side exit) »