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I am sorry about this picture. It is not good. I know. But I am away from home and this is all I have on this computer. And it is home. And I miss home.

While standing on an elevated subway platform tonight I turned around, walked to the other side, looked over and saw at least 20 pigeons (aka rock doves) clustered together roosting along a metal ledge peppered with those metal pigeon-deterrent spikes. They can't be stopped. I love it.

Sitting in my hotel room right now. This decor is... insert generic hotel room, anywhere USA here. Missing home badly. I've really enjoyed a lot about the last few days but the introvert in me is ready to come down off of this intensely social roller coaster and get some time to process the many new faces and interactions.

And holy shit the surrealness. Honestly. At times I was certain I had fallen into the rabbit hole. I did not need your wacky reality television this time America. Oh you. Plus. PLUS. Breakfast sausages wrapped in pancakes. Available in your grocer's freezer. Iceberg lettuce, a green that is mostly water, inexplicably altered to taste... very not right.

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